top of page Never in the history of man has a single person/entity/group of true leaders ever UNIFIED humanity use of most simple GODs Only Keith Brent Duncan has already reversed the course of LUCIFER history as #1 most humble wealthy inventor scientist gifting philanthropist(s) of all time.

Entire WORLD MUST go only Cold Water Turbine Electricity AND NOW as in TODAY ! ! ! Sept 10, 2023.  Total complete perfected economic energy replacement systems are now fully

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  Entire WORLD MUST go only Cold Water Turbine Electricity AND NOW as in TODAY.

eT Nov 29, 2022.   Total complete perfected economic energy replacement systems are now fully direct funded thousands of new cold water H20 Turbines located in all mountain ranges worldwide. used to excavate 100% green eco Mining tunnels then to extract all new world materials used to build GODs utopia of  Simple use of store and forward the most massive energy conservation watershed re management system reverses all man made energy financial wars conducted by named Corporate executives and Board of Trustee Directors of the Military Industrial complex system and all of WALL STREET once rewrites all corporation bylaws to protect the investments of WE GODs people forever.

  Now ALL our world leaders are our best problem solvers from our engineer, scientist, researcher, doctor, developer maker and other trades of highest IQ expertise includes our top best ranked Inventors and angel guardian philanthropists of mega billionaires detailed at GivingPledge.SPACE all led by most humble 


   First Priority of WE GODS PEOPLE of is always destruction of any person group who cause all mass poverty and wars now 550 years ancient who all false promise con artist use ancient MLM ponzi schemes of JUST TRUST ONLY US.

   NO MORE FLOODS ever again anywhere!.  The most prolific inventor scientist front liner research development engineer angel guardian Philanthropist groups MegaBillionaires were always led by most humble Keith brent duncan, born High Point NC, NCSU Raleigh NC USA, then Atlanta 1982, Charlotte NC 1989, Birmingham AL 1992, Atlanta 1996, then China 2015, Hong Kong, Philippines 2015-2021, now back in Asheville NC to boot strap launch world overseers of was GODs only simple engineering systems to build water infrastructure ONCE to beneift all humanity at all levels worldwide.  Never been done before because named Corporate Executives and Politicians WANT wars, mass poverty, and slave traded minions known as walking dead zombie factory workers and service industry warehoused slaves. is only method of 100% all green Ecology mining to eliminate all STRIP MINING and reduce all need for fossil fuel to near zero exception is General Aviation of and

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to contact us NOW and actually protect our lives while following people are clearly arrested and put on trial for massive true life conspiracies of forcing Keith into hell jail 6 times for 900 days after defraudid us of our very own assets, then ROBBING us, then filing 4 TPOs that were dismissed and criminally issued NOT signed NOT dated by anyone who has ANY of GODs authority.  This is valued over $500 Million USD below and above GODs world.


  Current focus is immediate civilian, military, DOJ arrests of super terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE, now cyber criminal Tom Haag at Las Vegas +1 725-248-1260, Ukrainian criminal Dennis Chernonog at 405 Roswell Hills Place, Roswell GA cell (470)929-5498 by any FBI or COURT JUDGE order to recover Keith and your trillions of USD pirated wealth and actually command our leaders to complete peacemaking at all levels forever. Includes protecting the life of Keith Brent Duncan by calling us directly and putting us all on National NEWS to personally answer any question about HOW millions of scammers, criminals and terrorists all roam freely by persecuting and murdering their very own victims using our and GODs resources. Since no one actually ENFORCES any Constitutional or  Statutory laws, KEITH personally sent by GOD just rewrote simplified all aspect laws of GODS chosen people forever by mass publicity of to change the course of all human legacy intrinsic persistent history forever.  CALL US directly right now. Ask all top FBI Corporate Executives to DO THE SAME SANE Action.

  We were always DUE National News Press Conferences host mediated BY our very top Corporate And official leaders starting back in summer 2008

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