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### For Immediate World Press Release and Broadcast to all TOP leaders. Updated Jan 23, 2020


  The Most critical design elements are located below describing all architected aspects of the meg atrillions of USD valued benefits to all GODS people includes universal deployment use by our worlds most profitable Manufacturing groups like GE, Tesla, list is endless. Everything gifted to unify all mortals at one time use of basic EVOTE.ONE known as bootstrapping and leap frogging all current mentality false promise mindsets. and obtain total world global  With almost free gigawatts of electricity on Demand from 100,000's of clustered watershed small lakes, combined with remote control of all electronic devices registered through, humanity now has the capacity to create their own self-sustainable all electric digital Eco Communities when they own everything.  Eliminates all the mega dynasty corporate executives who prey on the slave traded welfare of all the banking, insurance, communication, transport, Agri-Farm, and other industries.

  The Value benefits is clearly mega Trillions of economic rebuild of all third world to 1st world nations now that humanity eVOTE owns all land and resources for use by their communities. Everything driven by EVOTE.ONE stored in FOIA.ONE with the most massive reduction in need for any government structures or control BY mega corporate executives whose only motive is MORE profit in their pockets.

   This is the worlds last universal stabilizing open public domain engineered design that eliminates all OPEC Oil Military $$$ Financial wars. The prime requirement is that all manufactures agree on a standard communication standard between each IP(internet protocol) extended address. Everything stored in so that no unregistered device can be used by crime enterprises as cyber crime terrorist attacks are exactly what we have preventing way back in early 1980s since we are the original top R&D scientists who created the base communication standard protocols by embedding mainframe operating system methodology at micro electronics levels in hardware and software. This is the required Singularity of IOT Artificial Technology Intelligence that we are the forefounders of all electric secure communication services and products owned and controlled by all of humanity. Prime companies such as AT&T, Globe, ChinaTel, PLDT, others will be required to provide all FREE hi speed wifi and internet connectivity to humanity based on our final all driven by Evote.ONE and stored in worlds last super google/facebook database that is truly AD-FREE.


BASIC DESIGN:   3 Simple components to be manufactured by everyone worldwide. The ONLY requirement is the use of or MODBUS as the standard communication protocol to ensure total standard inter interoperability. All improvements by any designer, inventor, manufacturer or other entity become common domain royalty and license fee free for use by all other manufacturers since all benefit. All Manufactures must agree on common shared protocol for interoperability.

  Component 1:  Replacement Smart Circuit Breaker from smallest AMP rating all the way up to total building breaker control, city block substation control, and even at each distribution hub and power production facility.  The basic electronic control circuit is a low voltage trigger using N/C -Normally closed by default. When voltage applied, the circuit is disabled de-energized.  The use of solid state semi-conductor switch, mechanical solenoid, or equivalent cut-off circuitry is the design and regulation certified responsibility of each producer.

  Component 2: The P.L.C. is the programmable logic circuit that control multiple breakers and circuits. With the multiple ways to communicate over Wi-FI, internet RJ-45, Cell service, RS-432, BlueTooth, dedicated data phone line, or equal, these PLC devices also communicate universally with existing and future security systems at local and remote stations.  These communicate over to all other PLCs as cluster networked regardless of who owns each system. The more systems in communication over secure password protected authenticated network, the more common control can be exerted to SAVE massive Tera Watts of world energy.

  Component 3: The Smart Smoke Detector uses the same communication standard protocol as Component 2 PLC. These all operate in a cluster networked web so that only ONE of Component 2 units needs to be active over internet to FOIA.ONE, to the client owners, and to the required government agencies of Police, Fire, Military, Rescue, Medical, and other citizen service providers. Multiple detection method circuitry can be utilized such as basic smoke detection, rate of temperature increase, element detection for byproduct detection of pending explosions, gas leaks, and other indications of danger.


OPERATIONAL DESIGN:  To be completed by master engineers and highest level intellectual users of partners.

   Each Component 1, 2, 3 is registered by extended IP address identifying exact location, application, owner, and other attributes to be listed in FOIA.ONE. Clustered network now permit status information to be shared across entire villages, commercial complexes, and other multiplex developed mix use properties.   SolutionHousing.ORG show trillions of $$$ new all digital creative communities owned FOR, BY, and OF our 7.6 billion people.

BENEFITS TO WORLD:  All energy infrastructure is now owned FOR, BY, and OF our people. No more can any government, stock market (brokers), corporation, or corporate executive enterprises control any aspect of our GOD's supply of energy for use and benefit of all humanity.  These remain the key center stones of your new world society UNIocracy.ORG.

   Cooperative Collective Energy Associations are the key to using to decide all component supply and demand chain economics of who benefits from these world saving answer methods.

Keith Duncan April 18, 2016  (patent applied spring 2011  This Gifted to all of mankind as well as all other ACTS of WISDOM.


 This world standard design is Nobel Peace Prize worthy for the overwhelming economic and legal benefits to all 7.42 billion of my-our people. With free government/community wi-fi and internet access, these standard communicating smart circuit breakers and smart smoke detectors are combined with existing off shelf technology of P.L.C. (programmable Logic Controllers) with motion detectors (PIR), webcameras, light controls, even technology like to create bundled inter communicating networked devices controlled by each owher, community, cooperative power companies, fire prevention/response rescue agencies, security forces, and even monitored by trusted overseers like under umbrella protection of World Trading Broadcast Journalist Evangelist Crusader Ministries INC.

   Click: to read how technology can help prevent diasters in 1st place.

  The following broadcast sent to the the world today asking for them to contact Keith Duncan as well as Interpol and the USA government to command them to actually DO THEIR JOBS.
     That is all that has ever been required…   I speak and teach with the authority granted unto myself by the Holy Trinity and under full protection of USA First Amendment Right to Free Speech,  Freedom of the Press, and the Constitional right to redress grievances with any and all governments to ensure our citizens are in full control of their own leadership and financial and legal decisions that directly affect their security, businesses, belief systems, and rights to prosper and thrive.


  The basic design of each smart circuit breaker and smoke detector only adds about 15% to the manufactured cost and will be welcomed by all manufacturers as the only standard to ensure complete interoperatability using a single communications protocol gifted by Keith Duncan and others to ensure total compliance and security.  Each device is pre-programmed at installation time at the gateway/controller level with the owners name, cell/contact info, GPS/street location, and other shared common information for use by emergency services as well as for authentication purposes with Interpol that automatically authentics and authorizes access and control.

    Each community network only needs a single internet/wifi gateway to monitor the 'keep-alive' poll signals and to detect the exact fire/police/medica/power needs to dispatch the peoper responding resources using load-sharing and scalable deployment methodologies that Keith 'perfected' starting at N.C.S.U. Raleigh N.C. 1976 to Dec 1981 that rivals the accomplishments of Bill Gates (MicroSoft INC), Steve Jobs (Apple), HP, IBM, Dell, and other great leading edge visionaries that have changed the course of human history using technology and by serving the needs of their clients and partners.

Today is Monday, April 18, 2016 and another historical day in the life of Keith Duncan for a variety of very stated  reasons. Most world governments are on verge of total collapse caused by CyberCriminals controlling corrupt Government officlals like Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates by Robert Dee Rose of Atlanta GA per court case 4:11cr112 Norfolk VA involving intervention of USA government corruption solved forever by and Interpol

The following email sent to 12 key people in China and USA.  All tied to  I can not find the patent pending number filed by Brian Walker back in year 2012. It exists and protects my Intellectual Property Rights as first filer of this simple Nobel Peace Prize worthy solution to conserve most of our worlds energy reserves. Today I sent this message to a GeoPhysicist at a major Oil company. 

  TEXT MESSAGE:  I request you read and immediately send to National News Media as well as your BP executives. Do not let anyone divert attention away from saving 10 to 50% of the worlds electrical energy with the absolute first smart circuit breaker that can be controlled in 7 primary ways. This was patent applied in USA in year 2012 as first filer and is worth billions/trillions in energy conservation so BP can actually be the FIRST leader in space exploration once oil and gas are dramatically conserved here on Earth. The rest of the implications are beyond staggering. My philippines cell is 63-0917-335-4300 as you can also call N.C.S.University in Raleigh N.C. Ask for Computer Science Engineering Dr. Robert Rodman and Dept Head Stancil. Kindest regards. Keith Duncan


Everyone uses any excuse to not pay attention to REALITY.  This is the most absolute TRUE statement for all of mankind.

TO: Michael and WiYu University China professors. In Jiangmen China
  To Brian Campbell and Dr. Dennis Rodman in Raleigh N.C.
  : Please forward to Dr. Daniel Stancil, Dr. Dennis Rodman, and all other NCSU professors immediately.  For I have also pledged $10 MILLION USD to NCSU if they would SIMPLY contact me back and help me with the final USPTO.GOV patent application. Since I DID file with in 2012  through a person who had NO idea the value of what I have done.  

Below is the basic overview ready for re-submission to all patent offices.  This ONE solution known as does not exist on any international marketplace. I am shocked no one has come up with this patent or product line.   Related is that is gifted to the world.

The current solution is a completely separate energy management system that is secondary to the primary circuit breaker panels in any home, business, government, institution.   Billions of USD/EUROS are spent by companies and home owners each year to allow remote control of electronic devices, water heaters, fans, motors, lights, pretty much anything electronic.    The typical cost per device is anywhere between $5 to $100, maybe even $1,000 for large amperage devices like industrial motors controllers.

Very short example.  If a single circuit breaker is electronically turned off 30 % of the time, anything downline is OFF, and 30% of the energy normally consumed is SAVED (not used). This includes water heaters, lights, wall transformers, copiers, monitors, literally ANYTHING.  The BIG ones are water heaters, furnaces, industrial motors, and lights in commercial buildings and even large parking lots.

When one installs this universal design into an entire building, then anyone with serial number and password can remotely control the entire building.
1. By calendar clock schedule (automated).
2. By security guard or security system.
3. By local police, fire department, first responders.
4. by Building owner, and by UNIX style authorty rights of owner, group, others.
5. By the power companies to conserve power DEMAND during brown-out extreme situations. This allows power companies to selectively turn off A/C and other high use devices remotely to LEVEL out the DEMAND. That way they do not have to build BILLION Dollar new Power Generation Plants in anticipation of the WORSE CASE.

My background. As graduate from North Carolina State University, Raleigh N.C. USA in Dec 1981,  my speciality was applying main frame operating system theory and databases to  micro processor controlled systems that our companies built and programmed.  In 1982, I was writing , in assembler (zilog Z8), single threaded, multi-tasking, multi-interrrupt driven, multi-user, database and control systems for the telephone answering systems and voice storage and retrieval systems.  This was 10 years ahead of Microsoft and Apple in their development of the personal computer operating systems.

I have 40 years of extensive PRIME CONSULTING and architecture background building MILLION dollar systems for banks, phone companies, trust accounting systems, IBM, and many other Billion USD Fortune 100 companies in USA.

The design for the P.L.C. Programmable Logic Controller is actually quite simple also.
With use of existing PLC like Westinghouse, Siemens, Allan-Bradley, etc, it is very simple to create a custom and universal standard design for all manufacturers to follow.
This eliminates the ability for any large manufacturer or power company to monopolize this design.

Please ask your professors to immediately contact Keith Duncan as I am also sending this to USA patent attorneys as well as my original N.C.S.U. engineering department who I visited for THREE days in May 3,4,5, 2014  and had very little connections with anyone.

This is a TRILLION USD/EURO  gift of patented technology to mankind. It also will easily qualify for a Nobel Peace Prize when the economic cascading effects are seen by anyone.


CHINESE TRANSLATION of absolute BASICS posted on



下面是基本概述准备重新提交所有专利局。这一解决方案称为 不会对任何国际市场的存在。我感到震惊,没有人想出这个专利或产品线。相关的 被赠送给世界。 目前的解决方案是一个完全独立的能源管理系统,该系统是次要的主断路器面板在任何家庭,企业,政府,机构。美元/欧元百亿的公司和房主每年花费允许电子设备,热水器,风扇,电机,灯,几乎任何电子遥控。每个器件的典型成本是任何地方在5元至100元,甚至1000像工业电机控制器大电流设备$。 很简单的例子。如果单个断路器电子接通的时间过30%时,任何下线为OFF,并且(未使用),通常所消耗的保存能量的 30%。这包括热水器,灯光,墙上变压器,复印机,显示器,从字面上任何东西

大的是热水器,熔炉,工业电机,灯和商业建筑,甚至大型停车场。 当一个安装这种通用设计到整个建筑,然后用任何序列号和密码就可以远程控制整个大楼。 1.通过日历时钟时间表(自动)。 2.保安员或保安系统。 3.通过当地警方,消防部门,急救人员。 4.建筑物所有者,并通过UNIX风格authorty所有者,组,其他人的权利。 5.电力公司节省在掉电极端情况下的电力需求。这使得电力企业有选择地关闭A / C和其他高使用的设备远程连接到拉平的需求。这样,他们没有在预期最坏的情况下,以打造千亿元的新发电厂。

。我的背景。作为毕业于北卡罗莱纳州立大学,北卡罗莱纳州罗利美国在1981年12月,我的专长是将主框架的操作系统理论和数据库,我们的企业建立和编程的微处理器控制的系统。 1982年,我写,汇编(ZILOG Z8),单线程,多任务,多interrrupt驱动,多用户,数据库和控制系统的电话应答系统和语音存储和检索系统。这是领先于微软和苹果10年在个人电脑操作系统的发展。 我有30年的丰富PRIME咨询和架构建设背景万美元的系统为银行,电话公司,信托会计系统,IBM和许多其他亿美元财富100强企业在美国。 该设计为P.L.C.可编程逻辑控制器其实很简单也。 与使用现有的PLC像西屋,西门子,艾伦 - 布拉德利等,这是非常简单的创建一个自定义和通用标准设计的所有厂商效仿。 这消除垄断这种设计的能力,适用于任何大型制造商或电力公司。

Another FINAL summary. Indeed, I have been threatened by organized CRIME and the USA Government for now + 7 years. I STILL have not identified and found the FIRST honest person in USA who represents ANY of my Constitutional rights after SO, SO many felony crimes were committed to keep ONE terrorist off Death Row along with +100 other specific USA government officials who signed their own grand jury indictments.
So I have completed and many other world changing solutions that prevent corruption and most crimes in the first place.
###  End of EMAIL sent to many key persons in USA and a few in CHINA.

###  Here is another ONE YEAR old photo of Keith Duncan with famous 1930 Model A Ford in background.  Moses lead the Jewish slaves out of bondage of the Egyptian Empire some 3,500 years ago.  I am doing the same for 7.315 Billion of my people. Only the unsaved and unrepentant criminals are being left behind to live in the abandoned slums of the world using  For I have clearly stated many times. ‘IT IS FINISHED’  There are few world wide problems I have not created solutions to solve and then immediately PUBLISHED.  For not a breathing soul has the decency to simple CALL me. In the meantime, I have, by the grace of my GOD-FATHER Christ Jesus, finally completed these solutions based on that prevents the Holocaust  Holy-COST of self-genocide that is occurring to the entire human race at this moment.

In terms a grade schooler could understand,  No one sees, No one hears, no one speaks these truths. Therefore No One Cares.   

Last year, I was sitting in the worship sanctuary of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta GA. Reference: BBK20140525NPC-Wonder.pdf found on  showing the Constitutional Rights as referenced on  is worth a concise review.!  Article I is:  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”!

I just directly contacted 680 persons and a few Journalists yesterday and send direct email to the new USA Attorney General Loretta Lynch who replaced Eric Holder.  What a great last name. For the ‘lynching’ continues daily of my own USA citizens.  She can personally respond to the last direct contacts I made to her group. I am beyond livid, shocked, stunned that I can not find anyone in USA government, press, churches, or public who sees I was kidnapped 4 times by Atlanta county police (Gwinnett, Cobb, Cherokee) tied to criminals Sherry Duncan, Robert Dee Rose, Ms. Bashama, murdered Brian Walker, and over 100 others who were criminally incompetent to sign their own grand-jury indictments. These are the starting criminals listed on the bottom side of  Any questions now? from anyone at all….

From the International Criminal Courts website in Netherlands, here is their contact information:   I have already contacted them a long time ago to focus on the USA Government.

Click: Crimes against Humanity. that define
  “Crimes against humanity” include any of the following acts committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:

1. murder;  2.  extermination;  3. enslavement;  4. deportation or forcible transfer of population;  5. imprisonment;  6. torture;  7. rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity;  8. persecution against an identifiable group on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious or gender grounds;  9. enforced disappearance of persons; 10. the crime of apartheid;  11. other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering or serious bodily or mental injury.
  I have bolded just a few of the Crimes against Humanity committed against myself, the TRUE Man of GOD. Has anyone counted the BILLIONS of fellow humans who are targeted by the Criminal Ruling Elite over the past 3,500 years of mankind. The number is beyond staggering.

  These are exactly the rights of all men that are systematically DENIED and ABUSED by the Criminal Ruling Elite. If my world of readers can think of better descriptive terms of biblical scriptural relevance, I am all ears to hear.  For so many felony crimes have been personally committed against myself since Jan 15, 2008, I remain appalled that no honest person can be found to represent any of my constitutional rights.  

  I am at my condo in China right now in shorts and wearing nothing else but hippopotamus slippers, waiting for the USA Government to dismount from their own Jack-Asses of iniquity and actually do what they are paid to do by 330 Million citizens.  I have been calling for the USA Military to contact and come escort me back to the USA so they can enforce Constitutional Laws for the simple fact the FBI-AG-IRS-USMarshals, even Congress, has leadership individuals who routinely commit Felony Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.  Clearly there is NO organization left who upholds Justice and Equality EXCEPT the USA Military. This is just one of a dozen reasons I went to Langley Air Force Base on Sept 25, 2011 for ‘safe haven’ protection from the same government officials who threaten my life and assets even today.  It is also the PRIME reason why I get ‘DEADLY SILENCE’ from everyone involved, including the PRESS as mentioned above. No one can deal with the horrors and complexity of how many individuals want me DEAD, stone cold DEAD.  At this point, GREAT. At least I return to heaven at my God Fathers bequest.  

    Does anyone actually see the truths I have been broadcasting for most of my life?  Clearly that would be a resounding NO shouted from the mountaintops of freedom, justice, and equality.  If anyone does not understand the verbiage (words) that I use, reference Websters Dictionary and educate yourself.  For education has always been the key to enlightenment by all of mankind. It is also one relationship at a time utilizing the ‘Breath of God’.  This is called soul, spirit, life, and an assortment of other terms that can easily be compressed down into the single four letter word of LOVE.
   LOVE. What an elusive subject for most people. As society has conditioned themselves to the LOVE of money, the acquisition of wealth and assets, the theft of valuables and information from others, and the overwhelming desire to make war against each other out of the need for power, control, and domination.  This easily explains why few honest people with any sense of ethics and intellect exist in government and corporation leadership positions. They rise to their own level of incompetence because of their ability to systematically trample other people underfoot.  Oh, this is 100% true despite their smiling faces and their assurances that they work on your behalf.  Ask them to show you their true financial statements and for them to describe their net worth as well as the source of all their income, inheritances, and profits.   Oh, that will be the day, won’t it.  For criminals to disclose everything they own and where it was acquired…..
  Oh, what a NOVEL solution.  For all of my own research, predictions known as prophecies are rapidly coming to a head. That means termination point where every person on the planet must decide if they adhere to GOD’s 10 Commandments as expressed through just THREE BY-PASS Laws and Constitutional Amendments found at the top of or be related to the pits of HELL known as SLUMS, poverty, homelessness, and the despicable conditions being endured by my OTHER people who live on less than $10 USD per day. These are 80% of MY people who now number 7.315 Billion People at last count.  These numbers are shown on POVERTY URL link on

  Just a brief sidebar, similar to when a LIAR-LAWYER goes to the side of the Judges Bench for a private conversation. I looks like my own Wi-Fi internet connection may be under cyber attack over the past 2 to 3 days. It is so hard to establish a VPN connection and to get access to normally wide open websites that do not require WI-FI. I have been scanning for News the past few days, as there are NO English TV or radio stations in all of CHINA. And I do not have cable, just internet.  
    When I scanned CNN and BBC websites, I saw extremely limited world news that had any value at all.  It looks like all these journalists have been ordered by their editors and owners to NEVER report on anything unless it exactly fits their category, it must be FRESH within the last 10 days, and it must be triple confirmed so that no one might be sued for libel or slander. AND the owners will never risk speaking the truth since it might mean losing market share.
    For PROFITS are the absolute only object of their work ethics. Oh, I really do hate using the combination ‘WORK ETHICS” for that is the biggest OxyMoron of all time in most situations.   Do people actually WORK because they HAVE ethics?   Or do they WORK because they have to eat, have a safe place to sleep, and actually survive by ensuring their children and family are not murdered in their sleep or on the streets.  For this is the true reality of most of my 7.315 Billion People.  Most are relatively happy just to be fed, not worry too much about crime, and attempt to follow their own pathways to their own unknown destinies.

It all boils down to this one photo of my schedule to go back to JerUSAlem, Tel Aviv, Emmaus-Nickolopis-Latrum Israel, then on to visit the Vatican in Rome Italy on the last leg of my own Return from Walk to Emmaus.  Then travel the rest of the world, looking for the places of greatest need. All on what is left of my last Father’s inheritance, the Duncan Tree Farm LLC. I am down to about $50,000 USD cash out of over $1.4 Million USD stolen by criminals. Much more in Intellectual Property and book/movie rights.  Donation and support methods are already published on my GOD-Focused ministry websites. No one knows, because no one sees anything about the crimes against humanity being committed every single hour.

Here is photo and even video proof I went to Emmus. Go to or and find that series of dated biblical scriptures on these journeys of mercy for all of mankind.  The priests and nuns will remember my visit. Ask them WHY I was there on Saturday, April 5 and Sunday 6 for Mass.

Here is the a key photograph of when I drove my 1930 Model A Ford to Washington D.C. I drove to Siler City N.C. to see my last asset, the Duncan Tree Farm and the unmarked gravesite of my GrandFather and Grandmother at Rocky River Baptist Church.
It is indeed finished.   All of my gifted solutions are granted use to all of mankind. Any questions now, from anyone at all???   For I am now lethargic on purpose, and extremely unmotivated to do ANYTHING else for mankind.  I am so ready to return to heaven for a variety of biblical reasons since I have completed the Plan of Salvation for all of mankind.  This is the Alpha and the Omaga as well as ‘The Last Testament’ of all time.

It is indeed FINISHED.  No criminal has NOT been uniquely identified by as well as who is SAVED and who is to be SHUNNED by society by their own criminal evidence. This can NOT be any simpler as the grade schoolers will be using the principals taught in the works in progress of to be our NEXT leaders and government officials to replace all the criminals who will be kicked out of their lofty and wealthy positions by the citizens who are outraged that they are being actively slave traded because of their apathy, skepticism, cynicism, hypocritical attitudes, and blinded focus on their multiple viceful worship of false idols known as SEX, gambling, drugs, drinking, theft, crime, murder, extortion, espionage, tax evasion, fraud, and the deception of all time. That one basic series of PRIME questions are:  1. WHO IS GOD.  2. WHO IS the ANTI-CHRIST.  3. WHO and   4. WHO and where is Keith Duncan   and the most important question of all time is:   5.  WHO are YOU?   exactly what do you stand for………

On Mon, May 25, 2015 at 12:58 AM, Brittany wrote:

  Keith I can not be anymore clear, I do not pitch future success. I have a very busy day everyday and spending time on something that will not work is not an option. I will only pitch what can benefit a reader TODAY. And today you are a very smart man who has been through a lot and has tech insight on how others can help themselves so that is my one and only focus. I will happily switch to something else when it is current and ready for market.
  I can have anything I am willing to work for.
  Brittany    Celebrity Publicist
  NYC based with global reach

Here is the email I just sent my Publicity Relations person.  How biblically odd that her signature line is:   “I can have anything I am willing to work for.”
I have been asking to inherit My GodFathers assets, since no one else has re-earned that right.  This was shown on the Video from Linville Falls N.C. on my drive in that famous 1930 Model-A Ford to Washington D.C. back on April 28, 2014.

If I could have resurrected any of my already built, turn-key enterprises and ministries, I would have already.  I have just spent +3.5 years doing exactly that.  Post my "future success'???    How about survival of the human race.  Attached is today's broadcast post about the true nature of humanity.
I will 'rest' when I finally get a SINGLE call from someone who actually SEES and BELIEVES what has happened to myself and the rest of humanity.

What can benefit a reader today?   I have been repeating these worldwide benefits and values for years now.

# 0 (added at last second.)  Is single video and write-up  seen at   When the public sees and reads THIS one final summary (there are many more by the way),  the NEXT step will be so, so easy. The USA Military simple contacts me directly. They contact the FBI-AG, CONGRESS< PRESS, literally everyone at their discretion,  and ask 'WHAT THE HELL have you being DOING to OUR MAN' since Sept 25, 2011 as WE all invited him back to LANGLEY that fateful night.  We were all fascinated for three hours as he showed us CRIME after CRIME being actively committed by Robert Dee Rose and told us WHY he asked for 'safe protection'  It was SO impactful that we testified on court documents 6 months later when asked by someone in USA Attorney General's office. We remembered almost everything he showed us on that 17 " MacBook PRO that he wanted to GIVE to the USA military the next morning.     
#1   Identifies who is trustworthy and who is shunned by society.  Gifted to Interpol and AP on Jan 14, 2015
#2  -Three Bypass laws that prevent all corruption and most crimes in the first place by removing ability for any criminal to blackmail or embed their people inside any government or corporation and remain undetected. This is what ROSE does.
#3  -The key to everything. Systematically teaches the world how to LOVE and CARE for each other.  This is the LAST TESTAMENT  and 'The Last Man Standing for Justice'
#4 (actually the BIGGEST ONE) is the Smart Circuit Breaker. does NOT point to the final design right now.   It will take about 30 minutes to recreate this Quad-Trillion USD/EURO cascading benefit for anyone to see it is indeed Nobel Peace Prize Worthy along with at least 10 other websites like
#5. is worth BILLIONS right NOW when the FIRST journalist gets into hands of ANY Bank officer as I have been doing now for over 1 year. Actually 4 years per that ONE video.

#6. I simple DO NOT CARE< Brittany.  For the solutions I have been creating are the most intrinsically created solutions based on the greatest needs of mankind, followed by why mankind is about to commit self-genocide.   If you have more accurate and descriptive verbiage,  please, you have been authorized from day one to re-edit, make it serveable, and the re-broadcast.

You know the journalists, and from what you have shared, I have modified my language to the best of my extreme ability. I even have dumbed it down and provided so many viewpoints and angles so that mankind can finally see these TRUTHS.

I make no excuses, never needed to. I know WHO I AM.    I know WHY I was born and my current and then final purpose in life.....

The Microsoft Word file is 5 meg because it contains key final summary pictures.
You REALLY should be reading these 'Last Testaments'  for they are INDEED 'The most Current News of the DAY' for you and the rest of the world to READ and actually just TAKE ACTION.

That is all that has ever been required.....   I wait now as I have since Jan 15, 2008,  For a variety of biblical end results to finally occur......


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