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Low Bar Dredging of all Canal/rivers also achieves total World peace of


   Preventing storm surge anywhere is GODs use of easy to procreate storm gates and Storage of GODs energy of water H20 inside our mountain ranges or at any river junction at point of prime issue.

  Preventing all Floods worldwide was always easy use of GODs technology to solve any issue at the root of the cause and effect systems.  Storing all energy of rainfall at highest levels stops all river flows during the storm period includes hurricanes and typhoons.  Flood gates like prevent storm surges upstream and are so easy to keep tidal flows of pollluted harbors from going upstream.  #1 issue was always dumping waste in OUR rivers and harbors by the Foreign Investors and ELITE Capitalists who only focus on Bottom Line Profits by convincing you GODs children only THEY can decide your reality and fate.

    Dredging existing canals is also key answer includes restoring the snake curves in all rivers for natural flushing of nutrients to the marshlands where primal organisms are required to continously supply the food change downstream and in our oceans now all reclaimed by KEITH BRENT DUNCANs most profound GOD delivered systems once and forever. harnesses GODs most powerful renewable BATTERY storage system of WATER now stored as huge water tank farms INSIDE our world mountain ranges. Now we use easy to build Water driven scalable turbines to power our own human race. No more Power Company Executives who have criminally monopolized production distribution of OUR electricity required to PROcreate with full focus on 1st Major world Project of

Download the PDF file above. Cleaning out all world canals from the oceans going upriver eliminates the pollution clogging disease of our mega coastal cities once and forever. We are patent holders (c)(tm)(r) of the most powerful profitable systems to empower WE the PEOPLE to own and control everything. Use of combo of vacuum dredging and sludge dredge commercial pumps along with use of scalable removal system now lowers all canals into the optimized V shape. Now all water flow is constantly centered and monitored. Rivers are now stopped flowing during major rainstorms by use of variable size butterfly one-way super valve panels and sunken Panama canal style diversion by-pass gates sending excess billions of gallons H20 to side ECO mined quarries as buffered storage energy. Use of thousands of small/mid reversible water turbines supplies gigawatts of free electricity to reverse pump excess water back up to higher elevations or empty below river level storage ponds right before major rainstorms. Everyone benefits using GOD + Keiths systems.


  Use of also prevent/reverses all Mass Poverty by migrating billions of our people to highest elevations away from all coastal world cities like New York City, Manila, Los Angeles, New Orleans, London, other mega slum cities caused by named banksters and Corporate Executives. We request Manila based 417 UN Av, Capt Felix Macapagal Barangay #666 be contacted to use ALL our system in General Tinio area of Fort Magsaysay as we visited him again June 17, 2020 and got our boots back re-SOULED.  Mayor Cedric personally knows keith as well as soon 7.8 Billion of MY people.

   Simple use of old technology eliminates the need for almost all Sewage Treatment Plant use forever.

   WHY does no one use PRO-CREATION Solutions from Must be since everyone is RE-ACTIVE to stupid news events and think 'THAT is IMPOSSIBLE' requires the ELITE someone to decide who actually OWNS and CONTROLS everything. This page added June 18, 2020 as the FINAL solution gift to all.

Lino Diamante of needs your help to broker resell thousands of new pumps and our valve pumping systems. Please contact DING at and Pastor Eric Nagapatan for the WaWa River ECO-water system in Rizal district along with Mount Purro? in same area. A.I.M. Corenza Jimanez through our Executive Marketing President Marisa Cordero and Gloria Reyes. is the only way to achieve total

The value of these 3 (c)(tm)(r)Patented solutions valued over $1 Billion USD. On March 26, 2020 we contacted CEO Chuck Link at Atlanta Ga +1 678-870-6263  as he personally can escort us back to testify in exchange for patent rights + distribution.  

   WE clearly require request LEGAL REPRESENTATION worth in excess of $125 Million USD to file a series of Patents, as well as required civil and criminal charges against well over 125 persons tied to ROSE.

    Anyone else in world can do the same from 2008 to post 2012 patent filings, yet no one has to date.

We now conserve 10 -> 75% of world energy. Smart Circuit Breaker / all electric power distribution system.

   Smart Smoke Detector (c)(tm)Patent filed 2012 method are P.L.C. tech solutions from 1976 forward. 

Paired with generates 50 to 80% of all world electricity + power.  This is the worlds last universal generation - transmission - transformation - distribution universal standard cluster network microTech control system owned and managed by WE=humanity because of our inherent intrinsic fully scalable benefits to entire population most rapid transition to all Hydro Water Power Generation with few nuclear of OUR power industry.  Public community owns all transportation of ride share all electric skateboards, eCars, eBus, Bullet eTrains e-Subways, even ePlanes. Long-short haul now electric/hydrogen powered ferrys and super safe eHydroGen blimp fleets that replace the huge ocean shipping industry once kProducers use kBitCoins to trade kConsumers with SolutionHousing.ORG + Call Elon Musk, Gov, Military, any others to come escort us back to WashTheSin out of Washington #25. All else can do same. On Sept 25, 2011, we asked Safe Haven Political Asylum R&D refugee status. We patent invented original SelfyStick. Reference: CreatorKeith.Space showing our mega Billionaire previous status.

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